2019 Criteria for Qualifications

Promotion Period: January 1st – December 31st
How it works: A level can be achieved by reaching 3 out of the 4 qualifications.
However, the ISSUED life app/premium qualification is REQUIRED.

Bronze         24 Life Apps and $6,000 in premium
                           15 Raw New Autos
                             5 Booked Loans or 1 Mortgage Loan
                             5 Health (excluding Short Term Medical)

Silver         45 Life Apps and $10,000 in premium
                           25 Raw New Autos
                           10 Booked Loans or 2 Mortgage Loans
                           10 Health (excluding Short Term Medical)

Gold           45 Life Apps and $20,000 in premium
                           40 Raw New Autos
                           15 Booked Loans or 3 Mortgage Loans
                           20 Health (excluding Short Term Medical)

Platinum  45 Life Apps and $40,000 in premium
                           70 Raw New Autos
                           25 Booked Loans or 5 Mortgage Loans
                           30 Health (excluding Short Term Medical)

NOTES: Health excludes Short Term Medical
Team member(s) must be mortgage certified for mortgages
Life production is based on ISSUED applications
Life premium will be calculated using annualized numbers

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